Resume Building

Expressworks Consultancy impresses recruiters with professionally written resume and help you to stand out as the right candidate for the job. Resume comprises of skills, details which are valued by recruiters in their domain and in turn a good/perfect resume makes the shortlisting work of recruiter easier.
We follow some below points while building the resume :-

  • First we understand your aims and goals better, like why are you changing the job? which industry and role are you looking at? and then we start writing the content.
  • Second we put first things first. We summarize important information upfront like your key achievements, skills, strengths etc. The recruiter has only a few seconds to view you resume. So, we make the most of it.
  • Third we show you’re worth it. We describe your professional achievements. Support them with numbers to bring across that impact. We mention your key qualities like leadership,creativity etc., that can be advantageous for the targeted position. Moreover if can support them with real life experiences, it will be an added advantage.

Expressworks Consultancy has a team of experienced writers, blogger who writes on a wide range of resumes and other educational topics. They uses their creative forces to write informative content on all the all above.

Generally we prepare resumes as per following categories :-

Entry- Level (Exp : 0 to 3 years)
Mid- Level (Exp : 3 to 8 years)
Senior-Level (Exp : 8 to 15 years)
Executive - Level (Exp : 15 years and above)


Sr. No Level  Experience Amount (INR)
1 Entry 0-3 Years 2000
2 Mid 3-8 Years 2500
3 Senior 8-15 Years 3000
4 Executive 15 Years and above    



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