Ans) We have a separate team for resume building. Its a paid service. Contact us +91 6397622203

Ans) It generally takes 10-15 days, however it always depends upon the client.

Ans) Yes, mail them on their official mail ID only.

Ans) There will be no deduction from your salary and no charges from our consultancy AT ALL.


a) If any consultancy is charging money, THEN YOU SHOULD  NOT GO or APPROACH.
b) Always give the interview only from those consultancies from where you get timely feedback and venue details in email.

Ans) Since 49 % stake of FDI and currrent market scenario, only life insurance company is at booming pace.

Ans) Every candidate has a right to have his/ her feedback. In case you never receive the status, then give us a call or drop the sms or whatsapp to us.

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